Projectionist's Manual (16mm)

This manual has been prepared for those new to projecting, those wanting to brush up their
skills and those who need to carry out maintenance on their equipment.

It is a living document, so if you can suggest any additions or alterations that may be useful
to other projectionists please Michael Lines-Kelly at

Old user handbooks and technical manuals would be especially appreciated, even on loan.  

Part 1. Introduction
         Start here

Part 2. The Basics

    Chapter 1: Film

    Chapter 2: How it Works

    Chapter 3: Procedures
         Section 1: Preparation
         Section 2: Setting Up
         Section 3: Threading the Projector
         Section 4: Final Preparation Before Screening
         Section 5: Screening
         Section 6: After the Show
         Section 7: On the Bench 

    Chapter 4: Troubleshooting

    Chapter 5: Do This. Don't Do That

    Chapter 6: Preventive Maintenance

    Chapter 7: Resources

Part 3: Miscellaneous information

Part 4: User Handbooks

Part 5: Technical Manuals